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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ownership: Seventeen.

The Master owns nothing, 
but has everything.

Ownership is an important part of any civilization.
Money is paid, a deed of ownership given in exchange.
It is important to remember that this is an illusion...

I own a small forest.
But it could be more accurately said
that the small forest owns me.

Lying back and gazing into the treetops,
filled with birds, squirrels and raccoons,
I am aware:

I do not own this small forest:
I am the forest, and the forest is me.


  1. I realized this when I built my first house. it took 15 years of blood sweat and tears.. then it burned down.. though it was very sad, I felt that I had been released.. let out of a cage.. a weight was lifted off my shoulders...it took a long time to become attached to anything again.. I tried not to .. but being a human I did... But I have been able now to let things go easier than before... but it also is not easy to live in the world when our values are very different than the majority of the population.. We do learn to adjust..

  2. Ahhh...
    Difficult experiences.
    But those are just the experiences that prove the most valuable.
    Later on, anyway :)

    I lost my sailboat, which was my home and all I owned, in Mexico.
    It was the end :(
    Until I realized it was - in fact - the beginning!
    Great comment Gwen; thank you.

  3. oh yes, it will always be the beginning... thank you.


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