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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Learning: Nineteen.

There is nothing to learn.
That is why it is so difficult to learn it.

Enlightenment arrives with a delighted laugh.
The realization that it is all so simple!

And it really is.
There is no great secret, no arcane ritual to perform.
Nothing to learn and nothing to know.
The abandonment of every notion leads to contentment.

Let it all go.
Be calm.


  1. A great post.Inspiring.
    Thanks for sharing.
    God bless.

  2. For your eyes ONLY...

    The crow comes and the cock crows
    Taoist Yogist would only start orbiting when IT salutes to it all
    No need to crawl if you find it too raw
    The "sage" would prefer sitting like a piece of cold rock instead of somersault....

  3. Only a bear is fooled by a bear trap.

  4. ...and only crows will be fooled by a scarecrow.

  5. Hmmm...
    Crows do not fear bear traps.
    Do you wish to engage me, Paul?
    How may I assist you?
    What do you desire?

  6. I was just responding to your comment to my comment at Alan's place previously. If you understand my response, fine; if not, that will be fine too. I don't mind. I just have the habit to respond to other people's comment. You further responded with a metaphor, and I responded with one likewise. Metaphors are rich in content, but weak in precision. Metaphors or analytic, I welcome both. I can talk fluently with scientists and shamans alike. Take your pick... (hmm.."assist" tends to be too patronizing a word to use, if I might say so).

    BTW: I'm talking about Taoism...

  7. BTW1: ...but crows lost their chance to have a good feast (that would mean both physical and spiritual, if you're onto it) for fear of something that is not harmful at all. And bears have good reasons to fear bear-traps, if you want to argue it further.....

  8. Thank you Paul.
    But slow down, please.
    One thing at a time, so things are clear, and we do not merely react.

    Patronizing takes place when one assumes one knows more, or is in a better position to assist.
    I asked if you required assistance, without assisting, unasked.
    I see you have no need of assistance.

    I do not fear, nor do I argue.
    I am a crow: I engage, I notice, I remember.

    Alan had no time for you.
    You were hurt by that.
    I can see why he had no time for you.
    And that may hurt you too.
    But I have some time for you,
    for you must surely know things of value.

    I am listening for these things.

  9. Mr. Crow, I am all ears (assuming that you know what I have been talking about).

  10. I think I do know what you have been talking about, but I suspect what you have been talking about is not what you are actually doing.

    Do you view me as an adversary?
    If you do, you are mistaken.
    As many people are.

    I observe that almost all Western Taoists are nothing of the sort.
    Being wise does not entail showing others how wise one is, at the expense of those others.

    Being wise is understanding that there are no others.

  11. This is my original comments in Alan's place:

    "Jumped into your blog by accident. Some thoughts like to share with you:

    1. The gist of Neiden is creation of high-energy chi-ball by guiding chi (generated around the perineum) through the microcosmic. After chi runs through (and compressed/energized in the process, a physical event by the way) the spinal cord, it is like "swallowing" to guide/force the compressed/energized chi along the Ren to the lower dan tian to be dissolved/absorbed there. This is of course the beginning.

    2. Nei-gung in martial art is a bit different, where chi (generated in many places) is guided to flow broadly throughout the body, in particular to areas essential to martial art practice.

    3. For spiritual enlightenment, one needs concentrated energy (to stimulate part of the brain) generated by neiden.

    4. Health benefit (both physical and mental) is beneficial side-effect of both neiden and nei-gung.

    5. On your quote from Tao Te Ching, it is about the concept of Tao (or Buddha for that matter) being beyond good and evil, or embracing good and evil (and it is the objective of a Neiden practitioner to ultimately experience THAT). In Jungian terminology, it is one's self observing one's ego. It is quite different from modern day Christianity with a loving God."

    This is a sharing with folks who are interested in Taoism. Please feel free to comment and feel free NOT to comment (Mr. Crow or other guests).

  12. This is getting difficult to follow, Paul.
    Your latest comment seems needlessly complex, given that Taoism is about simplicity and effortlessness.
    Furthermore it seems to show you have a point to make, across different blogs.
    It has nothing to do with the original post, on this blog, upon which you are commenting.

    Do you have your own blog?
    Possibly that might be an avenue to explore.

  13. Mr. Crow, this is my original post (mainly) on Neiden and Neigung that Alan chose not to respond (though he claimed himself to be an expert on the subjects). And you said you understand why he didn't like to respond?! My original post in this blog as I said is a respond to your comment. And the content of which is a poetic comment on the subject of Neiden/Neigung.

    Perhaps we have an misunderstanding. There are indeed other aspects of (angles about) Taoism in addition to Neidan and Neigung - including religious, moral, oracle, "superstitions", shaman, psychological, psycho-pathological etc. Taoism is, at least for me, a fascinating topic.

    I am actually trying to squeeze some time to create a blog (unfortunately still too many worldly matters to handle) in the future. In the meantime, I shall keep an eye on your blog on other aspects of the topic.

    Nice talking to you.

  14. PS: Your comment in Alan's place reads like this "Travelers come and travelers go.Some travel without moving. There is nothing to learn. That is why it is so difficult to learn it." Actually you created the relevancy and my subsequent follow-up. Of course, now turned out to be a misunderstanding after all...

  15. PS1:...BTW that is one possible problem of using too many metaphors or poetic language...(I'm not immune, I can say, "Taoists beware!").

  16. Misunderstandings are as common as mosquitoes.
    Irksome things that irritate and upset.
    Best to smile and give them space to do what they do.
    You can't beat them.
    Best to learn to live with them :)

    "Taoists beware," is a wise thought indeed.
    Taoists, more than most, are prone to fall prey to themselves.

    Thank you for your comments.

  17. ...So some crows are actually not afraid of scarecrows and have their fair share of a feast. Metaphor again!!! My apology.

    Nice talking to you. I have to bit farewell...

  18. Mr. Crow, I ventured into your world, of cyberspace, so to speak. You certainly are one prolific writer. And believe me you do write beautifully. Misunderstanding and understanding, the seeking for balance, spiritually and physically. You told me you don't like to argue, but imbalance does breed balance, and of a higher level. Speech deficiency breeds literary proficiency. Can we talk about Tao being imbalance seeking balance? or better as balance seeking imbalance and....ad infinitum always of a higher level of enlightenment?

    PS: Don't feel obliged to respond (everybody might be busy one of these days...). It's just my random ramblings.

  19. Well observed :)
    I have certainly been imbalanced along the way.
    Been there, done that, so to speak.
    Now it is time to be balanced, and nothing else will do.
    Taoism is that, for me, and fits like a custom made glove.
    My greatest teacher was a crow, who did not set out to teach, at all. So I am crow-like.
    Living in a forest, I am also forest-like.
    I get less and less human-like, and that suits me, given what I have observed of humans.
    But balance is everything, so I do still resemble one.
    My speech is better now than most people who never were impaired. It took a great deal of work.
    And I find that nothing has changed: nobody wants to hear what I have to say, anyway :)
    But writing is different. It endures long after the echoes of speech have faded.
    Better take care of what we write then.
    It remains to haunt us.
    Good to see you :)

  20. Good to see you too....

  21. ...and like that smiling face.


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