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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Fool welcomes you...

...to the final post in this series
Everything here is original. No quotes, no re-runs.
It exists for one reason:
Online "taoists" are thick on the ground. 
But taoism is exceedingly rare. 
Few understand it, still fewer demonstrate it. 
So here it is, experienced for real, all I  have learned, 
from the source, itself.  As seen by a fool.

That's right: a Fool
For what is a crow, if not a fool? 
Is This Fool a taoist?
NO! It is NOT
It is a FOOL
But even better: it is a crow :) 
Who will be the first to say:
"He's doing it wrong"? 


  1. Oh I like that!
    Ego disposal in one simple post.

  2. Hehe :)
    That was quick!
    I disposed of it a long time ago.
    This is about dissuading others from droning on about it.
    There is a serious lack of "getting it" among the so-called taoists I have been running into.
    I think one is born a taoist.
    It's not something you can learn.
    It's appearance may be learned.
    But that is not the same at all.
    Anyone may benefit from its concepts.
    Very few can become it.

  3. youre doing it WRONG!

    Just kidding :)

  4. Ha ha ha... We are very apt to talk. We all talk parrot like. and with a little or not intellect we fancy that we have achieved it but it is fancy after all.

    It is an incredible journey....just realization..slowly and gradually..

    I like this post very much..

  5. Who do you think I am? Fool or..... HA!HA! HA!
    Contemplative post.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Shubhajit, Surjit:
    Are you both from India?
    I love the way you just "get it".
    Westerners have trouble with that.
    And the way you can laugh at the madness of ourselves and everything.
    Yes, we are oafs.
    But that's not so bad.
    At least we know it :)

  7. Welcome to being foolish.
    It is nice to meet other fools.

  8. ...Hmm, Surjit's wisdom does work, everybody is so happy, or hilarious actually? (God bless - I mean it!!). By the way, I'm no fool :):)

  9. Yes I am an Indian. Though I think Westerner "get it" easily. Indians are more sentimental and westerner are practical in their approach that's why they see everything in a linear way. The good part is they are emotional but not sentimental.

  10. There's something very obviously different about Indians, Shubhajit.
    Being Indian, you may not see it.
    But I have known quite a few, and have liked them all. Your neighbors to the North-West are very different indeed.
    You are kinder than I to westerners.
    It does you credit :)

  11. Paul :)
    Of course Surjit's approach works.
    That's why he employs it.
    Nice to have you back.
    Sorry to hear you are not a fool :(
    Check out "The Fool" above.
    I haven't laughed so much in ages.

  12. Hey :)
    A crow! And he's a fool!!!
    Is that a crow?
    Ah yes it is a fine thing to meet other fools.
    I had suspected I was not alone :)
    Nice to see you.
    I spent a long time laughing at your posts :)
    I really needed to do that.

  13. Mr. Crow,

    ....I was told that only Fools will say that they are no Fools, and apparently vice versa...

  14. The Crow, you are right. I am an Indian..perhaps a human first.
    The universe knows no boundaries.All man made.
    You are a wonderful person. I am learning a lot from you.
    God bless.

  15. Yes, I am very wonderful.
    Sad but true.
    Sad, because I forget that I am, because I listen to everybody else.
    True, because how could I not be, given that I know just what I am.
    We all are wonderful, but most of us behave like complete shits.
    Because we lose track of who we are, because we are influenced by each other.

    Thank you for reminding me, Surjit.
    People are learning a lot from you!
    You should get out more :)

  16. THE Fool is a fool who
    is scared because he is NOT scared
    by a scarecrow.

    THE God-Bless is a wise-man who
    is scared by a scarecrow
    though he can never become a crow.

    MY final comment to the last episode.

  17. Final words to God-Bless: God bless....

  18. i am laughing :)
    but crows do laugh a lot.

  19. ...an exercise on psychoanalysis:

    Perhaps the reason why the crow becomes a fool is because the crow is scared by the fact that he is no-longer afraid of scarecrows....("My gosh! What have I become? I, THE crow, must be a fool not being afraid of scarecrow....)

    Have a nice day :):):):)

  20. So much for "final comments".
    Paul you can be so very tiresome :)
    You have a fine future in psychiatry, should you wish a new career path.
    That was very good, but maybe I can do better:

    The crow, being a crow, is universally hated by just about everything.
    Being a crow, he appears practically identical to every other crow.
    This is mildly inconvenient to the crow.
    He yearns to be more.
    Humans try to scare him, often, by the use of scarecrows, but scarecrows do not scare crows for long. They only scare everything else.
    Not being scared of scarecrows is hardly rocket science, for a crow.
    Still, a crow may be disturbed by the thought that it is not afraid of anything.
    And so it goes searching for something to be scared of.
    Most crows will give up at some point.
    Owls are about as scary as it gets for a crow.
    But one crow in a million will discover that he is the same color as the void.
    And after pondering this, may come to realize that he is - in fact - the void.
    And what is the void?
    The absence of anything?
    Like an empty headed fool?
    Nature doesn't care that much for a vacuum, and immediately casts around for something with which to fill it.
    That something is Tao.
    A crow may be well advised to search out better ways of being a fool, because without a doubt:
    foolishness is its own reward.

  21. Thanks for the wonderful response from the wonderful person (and he was so happy to agree!). I shall leave my new scarecrow for another day, just kidding....:)

    Always love talking to you.

  22. It seems that with the advent of the Greek philosophers, we in the West have moved away from the concept of "Being" into one of "Becoming". Ideas,rational inquiry, endless talk and dialectic problem solving. Tao and Being seem intuitive and complimentary. Thank you Crow, for taking the time to share these insights.

  23. What is there to demonstrate?

    Do something productive and throw Zen out.

    1. Hard to throw out something which is, by its definition, nothing.
      Zen is welcome here, whatever it is.

    2. Zen is nothing?

      Then why are there so many trying to find it?

      What is there to find?

      I prefer going on with my life and letting the wise gurus trying to teach people the unteachable.

  24. Nobody here is trying to teach anyone anything.
    It's more of a reporting of what an unknown land is like, to those who have never been, or never will, go there.

    1. Oh?

      The Tao can be reported on?

      I never knew.

      And here I was thinking otherwise!


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