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Friday, July 30, 2010

The Master: Who is he, anyway?


The master does not know who he is. 
He has forgotten, while discovering what he is. 

Sometimes people ask if "the master" to whom I often refer, is me.
No. He is not. Although, sometimes, he might be...

Mastery is something to which I aspire.
Knowing full well, that I miss the mark more often than I hit it.
If, at moments, I am the master, the last thing I consider, is to call myself that.

The master is an attainable state.
Like the weather:
Calm, sunny, benign.
Or a cyclone, wielding unimaginable fury.

The Crow - the actual crow - after whom I pattern a part of myself, was a master.
But he did not know it.
How could he? He was only being what he was.

And we, foolish people, concerned with who we are, and how others see us:
We might do well to consider the crow: we alone, it seems, have no idea of what we are.


  1. we will never know who we are or what we are capable of... we just have to keep doing or not doing depending on the matter.

  2. We will never know?
    We may never know all there is to know, but we can know as much as we have the appetite to discover, for ourselves.
    As for doing, or not doing:
    What we know guides our actions, or non-actions.
    Perhaps what you meant was:
    We, as discrete and separate beings, will never know...
    But we, as part of the all-knowing, all-being whole, may well come to know.
    There is talk of a universal consciousness.
    I subscribe to that concept.
    It may not be true, ultimately, but seems - for now - the likeliest possibility I have yet considered.

  3. You say that very well...
    There is so much to know, to learn, to do ... it is a life's journey and more

  4. You are kind.
    And thoughtful.
    Thank you for passing by :)

  5. Hi Crow

    Can you recommend a good translation of Lau Tzu - Tao te ching for someone beginning.

    - Want to know

    1. Stephen Mitchell was always my favourite.
      Not everyone agrees on that, though.


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