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Sunday, January 24, 2010

One: Mind.

The mind is like a knife:
It can be sharpened;
It can be dulled.
It can even be broken.
It can cut through illusion,
or spread it like butter.
It can be sheathed or unsheathed,
turned out or turned in.
It can shape things from other things;
it can destroy what can not be replaced.
Your mind is a useful tool.
It is not who you are.

The Tao has no mind.
It does not think.
It does not cut.
It simply is.

Who are you? What are you? It can take a lifetime to find out.
You are a body, and a mind.  But you are more than this. 
Much, much more...

We separate ourselves - the body from the mind. 
We all do this. We learn that thought is what creates action.
Our brains command our bodies to move: our bodies move.
Before every action, therefore, there takes place a thinking process. 
Everything we do is done only after we think about it first.
Why is this? 
Why do not the two work together, since they are, in fact, together?
The answer is that they can.
The master finds that mind and body are merely vehicles for Spirit, which, when finally allowed to lead, does a far better job than either mind or body. 
Spirit is the invisible command-center that directs all thought and action, once allowed to.
It brings together everything,  allowing everything - within and without - to interact as designed.


  1. Aloha--
    Well, Chinese terminology is a little different, but the conclusion is essentially the same.

    I am liking your blog tagline.

  2. Welcome wise one.
    Being the first visitor, you are extra-special.
    I will honour you by admitting I like your own blogs a great deal.

  3. Politics are loco! thanks for the wisdom old sailor

  4. When I was very young, I remember someone conveying to me the idea of using words to think. It was a long time ago, but I believe before that point I only used words of interpersonal communication and to express my thoughts, but not to form my thoughts. I am afraid children may be taught both good and bad things when learning to grow up. Using words to form my thoughts may have many practical applications, but I wonder if something was lost as well.

  5. It is good that you wonder.
    I've always thought in something like pictures. Never in words.
    Pictures with an added information payload, perhaps. Luminous.
    To word-thinkers, I say: It's never too late to go back.


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