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Monday, January 25, 2010

Words: Four.


Words do not lead to Being;
Being does not lead to words.
They exist apart from each other; 
linked by a fragile path of goodwill.

Words must be used to communicate
that which can not be communicated by words.
Thus it is wise to not listen too closely to the words.

Like stepping stones, they must remain intact.
Lest the Way become muddled and unclear.

Like stepping stones, they are nothing but stones.
It is the Way they form, that leads to Being.

Hearing words, you will misunderstand;
The Way will be lost.
Goodwill is the sense that must be used
to see The Way, through the words.


  1. I love "the fragile path of goodwill."

  2. Me too.
    Isn't it true, though?
    Goodwill is - for me - one of the most difficult things to cultivate.
    A work in progress.


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