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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ego: Five.

What is you ?
What is You? 
You is what you are when you do not see yourself.
You is what you are when you see nothing but yourself.

Ego does not know you and so must manufacture You.
The manufactured You compares everything to its non-existent self.
It knows nothing of itself, and knowing nothing, is a fool.
Ego stands apart, and judges all it sees.

You are aware of your own divinity,
and knowing this, have no need to be anything but what you are.
You compare nothing to yourself, knowing you are what you are .
You know you are part-of.

Disappear into your experience, leaving no trace of yourself.
Become entirely what you are a part of.
Let there be no distance between what you are and what it is.

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  1. You (the lowercase italics one) are Your (the bold uppercase) true self.


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