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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Five: Patience.

The master has nothing to say. 
If you can wait for him 
to have something to say, 
then you have learned patience. 

If you can have patience, 
you will have something to say. 

When you do not need to say it, 
you have become the master.

The master says little. When we are able to be comfortable
with this lack of saying (or doing), a pleasant peace fills us.
Impatience is only discomfort at the absence of action.
To simply be without doing - or saying - anything,
is a great achievement, and not to be taken lightly.
Few people are patient, although when you become patient,
one more person will have become so...

Patience brings its own rewards:
In no hurry to ramble, your words will contain more substance.
Each one will carry the weight of a hundred.
Finding you do not feel the need to say anything,
you find yourself already across the uncrossable barrier
between un-knowing and Knowing.

Reaching this state,
you find the master you have admired,
will, in fact, have become you...


  1. How strange...I had written a comment on the previous post (about language) then decided not to post it. (Of course by saying THIS, I am being impatient, maybe.)

  2. I also read yesterday and wrote in my sketchbook, "Words lose their Power with Bulk"...

    I have so much to learn... Things that look simple are often quite difficult...

    I am trying...


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