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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Control: Six.

The Master knows he controls nothing. 
Thus he never exerts control. 
How could he exert something he does not have? 
Not having control, he can never lose it.

What do people fear the most of all?
It might well be: losing control.
Why this could be so terrifying, has never been very clear to me,
but I have heard, again and again, that the very thought scares people.

Losing control, or being out of control,
seems to be the worst case scenario,
for individuals, animals, organizations, even governments.
And yet: control itself is no more than an illusion.

A champion athlete may exhibit superb control.
But he does not own it.
At any moment, an asteroid may fall on him.
The world may explode.
He may have an epileptic seizure.
The police may come and arrest him...
All these things, and everything else that might happen,
are completely beyond his control.

Why would anyone imagine they are ever in control?
Why would anyone be so afraid of being out of control?

Calm is the closest state humans may achieve to control.
Clear focus, and attentiveness to the present moment.
When this focus is lost, as it sometimes is, disaster rarely ensues.
Calm, given a chance, will reassert itself, soon enough.
Control leads to unreasonable fear.
Calm leads to calm.

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