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Friday, February 19, 2010

Six: Compassion.

In dealing with anger, have compassion.
Confronted by force, employ calm.
In facing argument, offer serenity.
Present no target and you will never be fired upon.

Like arranging flowers: defense is an art.
The surest defense is knowing how never to need it.
Anger is everywhere. In you and outside you.
You cannot change the world: but you can change yourself .

Compassion for yourself lessens your proneness to anger.
Becoming less angry, you will have more compassion for others.
Anger added to anger brings disaster.
Compassion added to anger, brings peace.

Remain calm, in the face of unreason.
Like any storm, it will pass.
Serenity is all that remains.

Move deftly aside from the approaching storm; do not resist it.
Be elsewhere, without moving.
Attack always needs a target:
By not being the target, what can harm you?

Ai-Ki-Do is the perfect defense.
Having the ability to defend yourself against attack,
teaches the unlikeliness of needing to use it.


  1. Nice photos on your blog. I love foxes. :)

  2. Thank you :)
    All these foxes I knew personally.
    Many people despise them, for some reason.
    The foxes don't care at all.
    I learned a lot from my time with foxes.


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