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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Four: Breathing.

What is Tao?
Tao is like air.
Without it, we die;
little, by little.

When we do not breathe,
we dishonor Tao.
By dishonoring Tao,
we dishonor ourselves.

When we breathe,
Tao fills us with life.
When we breathe consciously,
we become conscious.
When we become conscious,
Tao breathes us.

What is Tao?
It cannot be defined by words.
As children, we are not aware of breathing a mixture of oxygen,
nitrogen and carbon dioxide, yet still we breathe it.
Only after we learn about respiration
do we become aware of what is going on.
We all make use of Tao - in our limited way - without knowing of it.
When we learn about what is actually going on,
we move into another realm of knowing.

Breathing is the Way To God.
Incorrect breathing is the way to death.
Knowing, or unknowing.
Breath is what makes the two different.
Correct breathing begins the process of perfect health,
which frees us from the pain of the world and opens us to knowing.
By not breathing correctly, we miss all meaning,
and end our days hardly having lived at all.

Becoming aware of our breathing,
we become aware that something is breathing us.
This something is Tao.
Awareness of this moves us from the realm of the physical
into the realm of the Spiritual.


  1. Question: What is the significance of the numbers that are part of the title of each post?

    Incidentally this post reminds me of Heidegger. In the Introduction to Metaphysics Heidegger says man does not have language; language has man.

  2. The numbers are a foible, meaning only something to me. There are two distinct threads at work here. Distinct to me, anyway.

    Numbers preceding titles are edited verses written on paper napkins in Sonora, Mexico, circa 1994/1995.

    Titles preceding numbers are current revelations that come, or not, day by day in the present, often prompted by current events.

    All are original.

  3. Language had man, until man had his way with language.
    Now an enormous chunk of English vocabulary is taken to mean the opposite of what it did when I was a boy.
    Be thankful you are as young as you are:
    less of a system-shock for you.


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