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Monday, January 25, 2010

The Way: Two.



The Way leads to The Destination. 
The Way is Known. 
The Way may be Followed. 
The Way is The Destination. 

There are many ways. Each leads to its destination.
A destination is chosen and the way to it is taken.
There may be many ways to arrive at some destinations.
Or there may be only one.

Any destination that can be imagined may be reached using mind.
The Destination that is unimaginable, is unreachable using mind.
To reach The Destination, mind must be set aside.
To reach it, one must follow The Way.

Set aside the mind.
Subborn it to the rule of nothingness.
When nothingness is all there is,
The Way is clearly seen.

The Journey Of A Thousand Miles
begins with a single step.
The Journey Of A Thousand Miles
ends with a single step.


  1. i read this in the chaos of a modern office, but suddenly everything cascades into place, doubts are destroyed. the crow is wise.


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